Alexander Alekhine: Anecdotes

Antonio Ventura Gude

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It’s easy win to Alekhine…

The young Mexican master Carlos Torre was playing his first international tournament. The raffle put him in the first round against Alexander Alekhine. Seeing him worried, the Dr. Tarrasch, another participant, told him:
“Young, do you want to know how to defeat Alexander Alekhine and beat, moreover, all the matches?”.
In view of the unequivocal confirmation of Torre, he proposed him to take a walk together, without explaining his attractive offer. During the walk, Tarrasch spoke a bit of this, a bit of that and beyond it…

When, eager to hear the stunning secret, Torre asked him to talk about it, Tarrasch resolved the mystery: “It is quite easy. All you have to watch is a very simple rule: do always the best move.”

One of Alexander Alekhine…

In a train trip through Central Europe, Alexander Alekhine had the pleasant surprise of having as travel companions in his compartment two beautiful misses. Faithful to his cosmopolitism and refined education started with sympathy a lively conversation, telling to his companions funny anecdotes about his career and colleagues.

All this with singular kindness and without showing special attention or deference to none of the ladies. At the end of the line, and in the hour of farewells, one of his trip companions told him:
Mr. Alexander Alekhine, you may be a great chess champion, but you don’t have the faintest idea about conquering women”.

The immortal of Margate…

In the Margate tournament in 1938, Alekhine, then the world champion, defeated the Finnish Eero Böök in a smart miniature. And, the grandmaster Reuben Fine said, “The combination, or better, the number of combinations produced are, in my opinion, the most prominent tactical conception in the history of chess.”

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In the following year, in the Olympics of Buenos Aires, Najdorf said to Alekhine:
“Do you remember when you asked me about your sacrifice against Böök, I told you it was very interesting? Well, the truth is I didn’t see anything.” Alekhine answered, “Same happened to me. I didn’t see anything.”

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Alexander Alekhine: Anecdotes
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