Chess puzzle and some chess anecdotes

Antonio Ventura Gude

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A wonderful chess puzzle: The abyss unbearable attraction (Pushkin)

Chess Puzzle: White to move and win.


The first move is obvious, 1.Bf4, as if the knight moves, then the pawn falls and draw.
1…Rc7 2.Be5!. To any other move of the bishop on diagonal h2-b8 the rook is attacking it…
2…Re7. The defensive method lies in these two moves: …Re7 and …Rc7.
3.Nf7+! Rxe5
. No 4.Nxe5?, Draw by stalemate.
4…Re6. A last resource: if 5.Nxe6?, stalemate. 5.Nc6+ Rxc6+ 6.Kxc6, and win.
I believe this is a chess puzzle of the Czech composer Frantisek Dedrle, but I’m not sure. In any case, a wonder!

The beronila pawn…

n 1926 Edmund Nebermann published in ‘Funkschach’ his own chess invention: the ‘Berolina’ chess pawn (in honour of Berlin). It is about a pawn that, unlike normal, moves in diagonal (one square, two in the first movement) and captures as the other pawn moves: one square in the column in which it is.

The new chess pawn was used in fantasy trouble, and in 1957 a tournament with Berolina pawns was organized.

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The extreme laconism of Eugenio Torre…

The Filipino GM Eugenio Torre is famous in the chess world for his laconism and his extreme reserve. In one occasion, an American journalist insisted on interviewing him against wind and tide.

In view of the repeated negative of Torre, the journalist told him: “Please consider that I have done a bet with my colleagues, couldn’t you tell me, at least, three words? “You have lost”, was the succinct answer of the Filipino.

Esteban Canal and his style…

In another anecdote, by a friend of Spanish-Peruvian master Esteban Canal, Michele Cordara in ‘L’Italia Scacchistica:

“I was in La Spezia, in 1975, with the great master Esteban Canal. While drinking coffee together, I asked him about his style in chess. The answer was typical of the poet in him: “Look, Cordara, in the games I jump out of the window and only when I get land do I know if I have landed on my feet.”

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Chess puzzle and some chess anecdotes
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