Chess quotes and chess jokes

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My ranking of chess quotes…


1 Of chess, it has been said that life is not long enough for it – but that’s the fault of life, not of chess! EDWARD NAPIER

2 Chess is the sublimation of life in par excellence. ANTHONY SAIDY

3 Chess, with its philosophical depths, is anything more than a game. In its the best sense, it is a game in which the intelligence, character and will of everyone is shown. BORIS SPASSKY

4 Chess is life. BOBBY FISCHER

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5 Chess is imagination. DAVID BRONSTEIN

6 Chess is an art manifested in the form of a game. GREAT SOVIET ENCLYCLOPEDIA

7 Chess is a utopia that only gives a privilege: the spiritual enrichment of the artist. FERNANDO ARRABAL

8 The passed Pawn is a criminal, who should be kept under lock and key. Mild measures such as police surveillance are not sufficient. AARON NIMZOVICH

Chess and life…

Boris Spassky: “Chess is like life “.

Viktor Korchnoi: “Chess is my life.”

Bobby Fischer: “Chess is the life.”

A Tolstoi’s character says: “But chess isn’t life, Sergei, without heart life cannot exist.” Now well, apologize my audacity to question master Tolstoi: Who did say that chess has not heart?

Some bad jokes…

A traveler goes into a train compartment and finds an unusual scene: a man and a dog playing chess. Seeing this, the traveler could just say:


“There is nothing extraordinary”, said the man. He has already lost three games.

Who was the best player in history? Moses, because he had a draw with God.

In the early days of computer chess, they asked the Dutch GM Jan Hein Donner if he would be ready to face a computer and he answered, “Yes, but with a good hammer.”

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Chess quotes and chess jokes
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