Chess World Cup and FIDE

Antonio Ventura Gude

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Starts the Chess World Cup!

Today start the matches of the Fide Chess World Cup, in Baku, hometown of Kasparov. There will participate 128 players and, except Carlsen and Anand, all the big chess stars have come to the meeting. This competition will give us two places for the next cycle of Candidates. (For which Caruana and Nakamura have already classified).

The format is the one that we can consider as classic. Double game (with possible matches) and a game speed of 90+30 (+30 seconds/play).

The first match of the Chess World Cup doesn’t present, a priori, big emotions. But there are still hot and suggestive matches.

The Spanish GM David Antón will face the Romaninan Nisipeanu. And the encounters of Radjabov-Sevian, Yi Wei-Salem Saleh, Iordachescu-Yangyi Yu, Volokitin-Onischuk, Mareco-Ni Hua, Iturrizaga-Rodshtein, Adly-Ivanchuk, Ipatov-Cheparinov, Melkumyan-Kamsky and Mariya Muzychuk-Adams produce some intrigue.

On the other hand, there are some unlucky fratricidal matches between Latin-Americans: Granda-Fier and Pérez Ponsa-Domínguez. A hard task for the Peruvian Deysi Cori, who must deal with Kramnik.

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Quo vadis, FIDE?

It seems to be justifiable that the United States penalizes someone or vetoes them to put them in their black list, so that person feels alluded. I am of course, referring to Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, President of the FIDE, who has recently delegated his tasks to the Vice President Georgios Makropoulos.

So now, can we know who is Mr. Ilyumzhimov?

A long time ago, and when he was the President (or owner?) of the Republic of Kalmykia, ‘Le Nouvel Observateur’, the prestigious French weekly newspaper published a report in which disclosed that Mr. Ilyumzhimov has violated more than forty articles of ‘The Steppe Code’. And as long as I know, no one said it was a lie. In addition,the Russian authorities (“Mother Russia”) have allowed it.

Subsequently came his relationships and bad companies with dictators and arms dealers. Then, he confessed that he has been abducted by aliens, which has allowed him to see things in a different way…

In brief, Ilyumzhinov is Ilyumzhinov and all those people (including those that criticize him) that are part of executive positions and commission of FIDE have been and are his accomplices.

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Chess World Cup and FIDE
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