Eduard Gufeld and the armies

Antonio Ventura Gude

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Eduard Gufeld: A sergeant firming the general…

If the hierarchy dominates many scopes of daily life, in the army it is a sacred matter. In 1960, the GM Eduard Gufeld integrated the team of Kiev in the Armed Forces Championship. And not only that, but he was the captain of the team. In a vital encounter for the interests of his team, it came down to a diagram position.

In this moment it was the Whites’ turn, defended by a general of the Ukrainian team. The general thought too much without making any plays. Meanwhile, the captain of the team was very impatient before such an obvious thing as the chess sacrifice of the bishop in f7. But the general couldn’t see it.

Then, sergeant Eduard Gufeld decided to incur in foul play conduct to inform the play to the coronel, and at the same time inform the general. But at the suggestion, he asked why should he sacrifice his valuable bishop?

As time went on dramatically for the interests of his team, sergeant Gufeld decided to confer himself the hierarchical role of captain in chess.

He approached the board of the general enough so that he could hear and asked him:
“What is the first commandment in the army?” The answer was immediate: “A subordinate must always obey the orders of his commander in chief!”

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The doubts of the general were immediately dispelled and he played 10. Bxf7+!, with the feeling of accomplished duty, although he had not yet understood that to 10… Kxf7 was checkmate in two spots with 11 Qe6+ and 12 Qg6++. When his opponent understood it, he just surrendered on the spot.

Gufeld position

Four kings (chess) and only one fate…

In the ‘Mabinogion’, medieval saga of Celtic legends, there is a story, in which two kings play chess at the top of a mountain, while their respective armies fight in the valley.

Without them knowing, the vicissitudes of the battle follow the same course of their match.

At sunset, one of the kings knocks down the board and pieces with his hand, because he suffered a checkmate. Shortly after, arrives a bloody rider who tells him: “Your army flees. You have lost your reign.”

The scene is incredible beautiful in its evocative strength, because of the intervention of fate, which imposes a causality nexus between both fight plans.

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Eduard Gufeld and the armies
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