Liren Ding: The tribulations of a chinaman…

Antonio Ventura Gude

Artículo escrito por: Antonio Ventura Gude , publicado: Tuesday, July 12th, 2016
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Liren Ding: The tribulations of a chinaman in China

This was the title of a novel written by Julio Verne, supposedly comical, but it wasn’t funny at all. It wasn’t neither funny for the young prodigy Yi Wei with the stumble suffered before Sergei Karjakin, who knocked him down in the unusual game that are disputing Russia and China in the city of Heixiazi. Liren Ding is the current leader of China.

After a draw in the classic game, Karjakin won both Blitz, despite he was lost in one of them. The form of this encounter may result strange, but doesn’t lack originality. Each team brings five players. By Russia: Karjakin, Tomashevsky, Morozevich, Nepomniachy and Adreikin. By China: Yi Wei, Liren Ding, Hua Ni, Yangyi Yu and Yue Wang. Every day there is a game, which consists of a classic game and two Blitz (with possible Armageddon payoffs) the player who loses is eliminated, and the next follows. So, today play Karjakin and Liren Ding

To do this even rarer, the second part of the encounter will be disputed from 12th to 17th December. The team that runs out of players will lose.

The competition…

These attempts to change the chess in his habitual formats and competitions seem to be disturbing the organizers. First, the super-blitz of 3 and 2 minutes, then the 960 Chess (or Random Chess), the circus forms by Sr. Van Oosterom (The Melody Amber), the chess of the future (with computers and database), the neoclassic chess, and now this formula a bit hallucinogenic. Will we return to the correspondence or to the three-dimensional chess? Or it is just that the organizers want to drive us all mad?

Karjakin has eliminated Liren Ding. Then Karjakin continue. Tomorrow he will play against Hua Ni.

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Liren Ding: The tribulations of a chinaman…
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