London Chess Classic and Ivan Bukavshin

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London Chess Classic: What some say of others and others, of some…

Recently, there was a dissemination of a video in which the participants in the London Chess Classic gave their opinions on their most qualified opponents. With short answers preferred, if possible, one-word answers.

With regards to the champion, for example, the most abundant adjectives used on him was “star”, “prodigy” and “talent”.

Michael Adams is considered “technically strong” by his colleagues. While some others considered him a “genius” and others yet, a “spider”, in allusion to his convoluted victories.

However, malicious comments and darts were not long in coming. Hence, Carlsen described Nakumara as “descent” (ironic, considering that when he said it, he had a score of 11-0 in his favour – and now it is 12-0). Anand said of Giri that he is “young”. And Caruana, also referring to Giri, said with a malicious grin, that he was “cocky”.

All the descriptions on Anand were, at a minimum, respectful. Grischuk characterized him as “genius”, Caruana highlighted his “solidity” and Aronian in his “wisdom”. It is necessary to remember that since he obtained the GM title in 1988. And not forgetting his world-wide titles, Anand has been in the elite for a period of 27 years.

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Ivan Bukhavsin has passed on…

The russian grandmaster Iván Bukavshin has passed away from stroke at only 20 years of age.

This young master, winner of the Ugra Cup and the past Russian Cup in December, was born the 3th May 1995 in Rostov-on-Don.

He was a player who had been in the limelight from a very young age. As he had won the Junior Championships of Europe at the ages of 12, 14 and 16 years.

In 2014 and 2015, he was named as a sub-21 champion in Russia. And he reached an important success last year when he was classified the number three ranking in the Open Aeroflot of Moscow.

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London Chess Classic and Ivan Bukavshin
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