Chess project: A dream and a way to think

Alberto Chueca Forcén

Artículo escrito por: Alberto Chueca Forcén , publicado: Saturday, May 14th, 2016
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My first words in this important new chess project only could be to express my gratitute. Finally the chess project is created after much work during this months, many hours of work and the excitement of a group of people who want to do the things different.

ChessRecipes starts betting for the young people, with energy, dreamers, who work hard and find new challenges but, at the same time, they have a big experience and professionalism in the chess world.

We always think in the best way to improve the chess players and solve the problems that our top players have had during their career doing easier the learning.

ChessRecipes takes the first step. No matter what will happen afterwards, I have clear that it’s a real success. Why? The reason is that during the process I have had to specialize in a big quantity of matters which if not I wouldn’t have been trained in them, I could receive and treat the excitement of a involved team, I had to face the different problems and prove myself and the most important thing, I feel useful and capable of help to the rest of the people making me feel alive.

For that, I only can give thanks to all the components of the team: top chess players who trusted in my words, my economist who always is helping me, the tax adviser who makes everything easier, and the different professionals who are advising me: lawyers, e-commerce experts, contributors in the web programming, professional of the videos… and the different institutions or organizations which have guided me, trained me and made me easier the way. Thank you very much! And the family and friends also! Of course! They have supported me unconditionally. They are the best!

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Now it’s the moment to dream, find your own way and walk.

ALBERTO CHUECA FORCÉN, founder of ChessRecipes.

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Chess project: A dream and a way to think
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