Simultaneous exhibition

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A simultaneous exhibition is when one player plays several games against several opponents at the same time.

Blindfold displays…

The first demonstration of blindfold chess simultaneous exhibition seems to have taken place with an Italian player named Buzecca, in Florence in January 1266, in which he played at the same time, a game where he could see the board and two without seeing it. He won two games and the other one was a draw.

In New York, 1924, Alekhine played 26 games, with 16 wins, 5 draws and 5 losses.

Then in Paris, 1 January 1925, Alekhine played 28 games (+22=3-3).

In 1925 Richard Réti played 29 games, we ignored the final result.

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In 1937, in Edinburgh, the international Belgian master George Koltanowski played 34 games (+24=10), being the last record on this modality which doesn’t leave any doubts, homologated by virtue of an opposition reasonably strong.

In 1947, in Sao Paulo, Miguel Najdorf set the record of 45 games, although given the doubtful level of his opponents, many have questioned this record. Results: 39 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses.

The Hungarian IM Janos Flesch demonstrated in 1961, an exhibition of 52 games (a world record), resulting with 31 wins, 18 draws and 3 losses, after eleven hours of game time.

Taken from LA FIESTA DEL AJEDREZ, A. Gude.

Non-negotiable rate in simultaneous exhibition…

A colleague asked to the then young Bobby Fischer (15 years old), what was his rate for simultaneous exhibition.

“500 dollars”, said Fischer, which was a considerable number at the time.

Greatly missed, his listener, said: “500 dollars! And have you made many?” “None so far”, clarified the young prodigy.

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Simultaneous exhibition
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