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Chess, at the feet of society?

Since the value in the social chess was discovered, either in education, as a means of prevention against Alzheimer or for social reintegration (in jail, etc.) everyone has been looking towards the usage of chess. Some are competent and well-meant; others are limited to repeating what they hear, yet some (and mostly) do not have any idea what they are talking about.

But chess does not need justification to this bunch of opportunists. It did not come to this world for someone to explain its value as an instrument at the service of society. Chess is a refined and perverse game, unfit for well-meant people. A marvelous game in which involves in conflict two minds and two wills. Also interpretable as a challenge with oneself, and is a justification by itself. It is not the Mother Teresa of anyone, and will not feed the moral deficits of this society.

I am ready to be crucified. But what I have just written still stands.

Social chess: Saga of siblings…

The family in social chess. It is almost certain that there is not another more famous fraternal saga in chess, than the Polgár family, with Zsuzsa (now Susan), Sofía and Judith, all of whom hold international titles and with Judith, an undisputed queen of the board, for her merits and her record Elo.

But there are other famous siblings of the damasquinado board. For example, the Hungarian brothers, Endré (or Andreas) and Lajos Steiner, the latter who emigrated to Australia. A country in which he was a champion many times. And the World Champion Mariya Muzychuk and Anna also!

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We also have the American Byrne brothers (Robert and Donald), victim to the ‘Immortal’ of Bobby Fischer. And the Argentinians, Julio and Jacobo Bolbochán, or the Bulgarians Kiril and Krum Georgiev.

In Spain we had (long time not seeing them) Francisco Gallego Erazo (who used to draw the Ikurriña on the spreadsheet, properly colored) and his sister Julia, both of whom held international titles as well. But I’m sure I may have forgotten some other saga.

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Social chess and uses
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