Wijk aan Zee (Tata Steel tournament)

Antonio Ventura Gude

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Carlsen sprints in Wijk aan Zee…

After a few anodyne rounds in the Wijk aan Zee that ended in draws, Magnus Carlsen, the undisputed number one in worldwide chess, has stepped the accelerator. This kind of performance, which is perfectly known in the performances of the worldwide champion, marks a curious competitive phenomenon. In the last two years, the tournaments of Carlsen have been characterized with warm beginnings. They have notably improved in the second parts.

It is as though it would cost too much to him to be aware that he must be really engaged to score or, maybe, he cannot be motivated enough to perform at full stretch. Whatever it is, he has won the Tata Steel in Wijk aan Zee.

Carlsen wins the Tata Steel…

The victory of Magnus Carlsen in the Tata Steel of Wijz aan Zee (being this the number five) leaves some clear reading.

To begin with, it has reproduced the model in which a worldwide champion may start a tournament with four or five anodyne plays (4 draws, in this case). And still being able to win. His final result, +5=8 (2881 of performance), 9 points (of 13). And one in advantage over his immediate opponents, Caruana and Diren Ling, was impeccable.

But there are also other conclusions. Firstly, unlike his famous predecessor, Gari Kasparov, he does not base his triumphs on opening advantages. As he usually plays in middle level playings, from which he performs miracles.

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Secondly, his admirable combativity and self-confidence. It has enabled him to take advantage of any detail or trivial mistake of his opponents.

(For example, see among others, his play against Yifan Hou).

Thirdly, the admirable tenacity becomes in pure bullying. When, similar to the last round before Diren Ling, he pretended to win a final of rook and bishop against rook that any strong fan would know to define. Even without reading the book De La Villa. Unnecessarily prolonging a game during several dozens of plays, in a try to beat about the bush. And all before a player of elite! An authentic jerk.

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Wijk aan Zee (Tata Steel tournament)
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