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Free Queen's Gambit. Carlsbad Pawn Structure.

MI Miguel Santos Ruiz MI Miguel Santos Ruiz

Analysis of moves, investigation, comments and recommendations of the FM Miguel Santos Ruiz in Queen's Gambit. Carlsbad Pawn Structure.

A very typical pawn structure in the Queen's Gambit: The Carlsbad Structure.

Study the middlegame will help you to improve much your chess.

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The most professional chess bases and chess games.

Your chess bases and chess games in .pgn format!

Translation to spanish by Alberto Chueca Forcén.

Learn pawn structures with the Queen's Gambit. Carlsbad Pawn Structure.

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Reviews (5)

Por Alexander A el 03/30/2016
Título: I love it
Comentario: I learn very much studying with this middlegame bases. I'm going to check the golden subscription.
Por William L el 03/16/2016
Título: Perfect for all chess players
Comentario: You can use it in all parts of the game.
Por Manuel J el 03/10/2016
Título: Fundamental
Comentario: Son las bases ideales para mejorar ya que sirven para todas las aperturas.
Por Ranjit S el 03/05/2016
Título: seems very nice!
Comentario: Very well commented and with good analyses! I recommend it because I'm improving my chess with this kind of bases.
Por Raul F el 02/23/2016
Título: Bases que enganchan
Comentario: Esta son las bases que me gustan. Me encanta mirar este tipo de mediojuegos y conceptos.
Muy buen material. Gracias.
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