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The present general conditions of usage regulate the access and use of the present Website, whose exclusive titular is ALBERTO CHUECA FORCÉN, (from now on, referred to as ChessRecipes).

This website is accessible for no cost to the users of Internet. Access to this website implies the acceptance of the present conditions, without damaging the particular conditions that may apply to determined and concrete services of the Website.

The acceptance of the present general conditions of usage from Your part will assume that you acquire the condition of Website User. Said acceptance will be considered done without reserves of any kind and referred to each and every one of the present general conditions.

The Users are committed to navigate through the website and to utilize the content in good faith. ChessRecipes is committed to save the maximum reserve and confidentiality in the information that is given and to utilize it only for the indicated means.

As for the valid legislation regarding data protection. ChessRecipes has adopted the security levels adequate to all of the given data by the users, and also has installed all the media and security measures possible to avoid the loss, bad usage, alteration, non-authorized access and extraction of the data.


The USER assumes the responsibility of the Website usage. Said responsibility is extended to the register that is necessary to access determined services or contents. In said register the USER will be responsible of giving real and licit information. As consequence of this registration, the USER can be provided with a password, which the USER will be responsible of, committing to do a diligent and confidential use of.

1.1.      The User binds himself in a legal character to utilize the website in a diligent manner, meeting the law, the moral, the public order and what is stated in this general conditions, and in the applicable particulars, therefore having to abstain from any manner of usage that can impede the normal functioning and accessibility to the users of the Website and its services, or that can injure or damage the rights and benefits of CHESSRECIPES, of its providers, users, or in general, of any third party.

The user also is bound to pay the Fees for the Paid Services that can be established and that will be expressly indicated.

1.2.         More in particular but without this enumeration limiting the general reach of the disclosed obligation in the previous paragraph, the User is bound in the utilization of the Website and of the Services to:

(a)       Not to introduce, store or spread by the Website or through any of the services any kind of content -including, in a non-exhaustive manner, files, computer programs, data, virus, codes or any other electronic element- that is susceptible of causing damage to the Website, or any of the services, to the systems or networks of CHESSRECIPES, to any user, to the suppliers of CHESSRECIPES or in general to any third party, or that anyhow is capable of causing any type of alteration or avoiding the normal functioning of the Website or any of the Services.

(b)       Not to use any fake identifications, nor supplant the identity of others in the utilization of the Website or any of the Services, including the utilization in the case of passwords, access codes from third parties or in any other way.

(c)       Not to hide or fake in any way the origin of the Contents managed through the Services, not to intercept, erase or modify the Contents of other users, and not to use the Website or any of the Services for the massive sending of Contents or any other type of electronic messagery.

(d)       Not to destroy, alter, render useless or damage the data, information, programs or electronic documents of CHESSRECIPES, of its providers or third parties.

(e)       Not to utilize information obtained through the Website or any of the Services to emit advertisements, send messages with selling purposes or with any other commercial mean, also not to gather or store personal third party data.

The USER will respond to CHESSRECIPES for the violation of any of the responsibilities to which he is bound by law and by the present General Conditions related to the utilization of the Services.

The USER will respond and indemnify CHESSRECIPES for the damages that derived from the failure of accomplishment of this responsibilities that may occasion to third parties.

As far as CHESSRECIPES has effective knowledge that a USER is doing a use of the CHESSRECIPES services contrary to what is disclosed in this Conditions, CHESSRECIPES may ban the USER without the need of a previous advice whatsoever, CHESSRECIPES reserves the practice of any legal actions that it considers opportune.

Likewise, the USER is conscious and voluntarily accepts that the use of the Services has place, without exception, under its only and exclusive responsibility. Taking into account the nature of this Services, the content of the published message through the Services expresses only the opinion of its author, CHESSRECIPES does not guarantee the exactitude, integrity, or utility of any message, therefore, in no case it will be responsible for the content of them.

1.3 Files sent by the users.

CHESSRECIPES offers, in determined cases, to the readers and USERS the possibility of submitting databases, chess basses, photographs, videos, audio recordings or archives of any other type (from now on, the “Files”) to incorporate them to some of the sections of the Website. The publication of this FIles is subject to the following terms and conditions, whose accomplishment is exclusively the USER’S responsibility:         

  1. The user of the service expressly recognizes the exclusive titularity of ChessRecipes about any rights of intellectual and industrial property, and exploitation in regard to the pages that support all of the services and contents of the portal                  ww.chessrecipes.com, in particular in the things which refer to the bases of           chess, appearance, imagery, color combination, logotypes graphics and/or drawings of the mentioned above. Said responsibility of recognizement will subsist even in the case that the present service is cancelled.

  2. The USER that effectuates the sending on the Files declares and guarantees to be the legitimate titular of the Files, and therefore, declares himself with absolute legitimacy to give CHESSRECIPES the exploitation rights, reproduction, public communication, distribution and transformation relative to the contents in said Files or folders. The USER will be the only responsible and will indemnify CHESSRECIPES of any judicial reclamation or extrajudicial that, by failure of accomplishment of this guarantee third parties may pose.

  3. The USER gives CHESSRECIPES, in a non-exclusive manner, and by all the legally permitted time period, the exploitation rights, reproduction, distribution, transformation and public communication of the Files for its utilization in physical platforms such as diverse types of publications, periodic or not, and/or digitals, such as CD, DVD or storage devices, and/or for its exploitation through Internet in websites and/or applications of CHESSRECIPES or its collaborators.

  4. ChessRecipes expressly recognizes that, the authorship of the Chess bases published in the category of the chess bases of users correspond to the people that send the forms that contain them, to whom www.chessrecipes.com presume as authors, as long as any other person doesn’t justify, in a fehacient way, have rights or legitimate interests in the stated bases. However, the above, the authors-senders of the forms containing academical documentation and in general chess bases, expressly recognizes and without any economical mediation, that ChessRecipes holds exclusively the exploitation rights, reproduction, public communication, distribution and transformation of said academical documentation or data bases. The mere fact of sending or submitting form or files with academical documentation to the headquarters or servers of the ChessRecipes portal implies a full understanding and acceptance expression of the above conditions by the user.

  5. The user of the ChessRecipes service that by any procedures existent in the actuality or in the future, visualizes or downloads archives of the section that this service is given on, recognizes the exclusive titularity of ChessRecipes over the exploitation, reproduction, public communication, distribution and transformation relative to the contents in said archives or folders.

Among others, CHESSRECIPES expressly declares that it reserves the right to use the Files assigned to the realization of exposition or book edition, catalogues or analogical publication, in a physical platform, digital, or any other media or platform that allows its reproduction, distribution and/or public communication, such as websites, applications for mobile devices, virtual fairs or similars.

  1. The Files object of cession cannot contain obscene or pornographic elements, Likewise, the Files will not be able to contain images or information that presents a vulneration of third-party rights and in particular of its honor, intimacy or own image. Files that incite violence, racism, sexism, homophobia or that contain insults or calumnious or injuring opinions cannot be submitted.
  1. Due to the volume of Files that are submitted to CHESSRECIPES by the USERS, in application of the regime of regulated responsibility by the Law 34/2002 of Services of the Society of Information and of Electronic Commerce, CHESSRECIPES will not be responsible for the information or archives sent by the USER when it doesn’t have an effective knowledge that the stored information is illicit or that it injures goods or rights of a third-party susceptible of indemnization. However, the mentioned above, in the moment that CHESSRECIPES has effective knowledge that it is hosting data as the previously referred or that vulner the disclosed in this General Conditions is committed to act with diligence to retire or remove access to them.

1.4 Conditions of use of the images of USERS:

For determined services, CHESSRECIPES offers the readers and USERS the possibility to include an image inside of the registry process. This image can be put along comments and contents generated by the USER.

The USER registered is committed to respect the following usage conditions of this images:

-Images that are protected by industrial or intellectual property rights are not allowed to be used if there is no authorization for the usage of them.

-Images that correspond to public characters or images that supplant a personality are not allowed to be used.

-Images that incite violence, racism, sexism, homophobia or that can be interpreted as a discriminatory attack towards any collective or minority based on aspects like nationality, sex, religion, age or any other type of physical or mental handicap cannot be utilized.

Images with obscene or pornographic content can be eliminated in case that CHESSRECIPES considers that they are disrupting the rights of potentially under-age readers.

CHESSRECIPES reserves the right to eliminate images that don’t meet this requirements.


   Any of the services will be gratuitous except if it states clearly the condition of payment service.

2.1.      In case that it regards the payment service, CHESSRECIPES will charge the User fees for the presentation of the Payment Services (from now on, the “Fees”). Said services will state clearly its condition of payment services.

CHESSRECIPES will maintain all the information public in the Website regarding the current Fees at all times.

2.2              CHESSRECIPES will charge the user of the Fees with the periodicity that is established by the payment forms that will be found accessible from the website, invoiced in the case, in this case the amount and for the periods that are expressly specified.

2.3.           CHESSRECIPES will revise the charges periodically, communicating via email to the User the revised Fees, along with the entry into force date with a minimum anticipation of two months relative to said entry into force. In case that in the space of two months following the reception of said communication the User doesn’t manifest its will to not accept the revised Fees, this will be taken as accepted by the User.

If during the mentioned time period the User manifests its denial to the revised Fees, CHESSRECIPES will continue giving its services to the user until the expiration of the corresponding period to the fees successfully paid by the user, afterwards finalizing the relation with the user. In which case, what is stated in clause 10 of this General Conditions will be applied

2.4       The user must identify himself and indicate duly the data that are necessary for the fulfillment of the fiscal normative.


3.1       The user recognizes that all the elements of the Website and each and every one of the Services, the information and materials linked to the same, the structure, selection, order and presentation of the Website and of the Services and the computer programs utilized in relation with the same are protected by the property of the intellectual and industrial rights of the own CHESSRECIPES or third-parties.

3.2       Except if it was authorized by CHESSRECIPES, the User will not be able to reproduce, transform, modify, disassemble, realize inverse engineering, distribute, rent, lend , make available or allow the public access through any public communication mode of any of the elements referred to in the previous paragraph.

3.3       The User will utilize materials, elements and information to which he accesses through the usage of the Website and of each of the Services uniquely for its own necessities, forcing himself not to realize any direct or indirect commercial exploitation, not from the Services, nor from the materials, elements and information obtained through the Website or Services.

3.4. The User will have to abstain of deleting the identificative signs of the rights (of intellectual, industrial or any other type of property) of CHESSRECIPES or of the third-parties that figure on the Website and in each of the Services. Likewise, the User will have to abstain of avoiding or manipulating any technical devices established by CHESSRECIPES or third-parties, either in the Website, in any of the Services or in any of the materials, elements or information offered by the Website or the Services, for the protection of its rights.

3.5       The unauthorized usage of the information in the Website, its resale, as well as the infringement of the rights of Intellectual or Industrial Property of ChessRecipes will lead to the responsibilities legally established.



Inclusion of Users data in a folder with the CHESSRECIPES titularity.

4.1.      To the effects of what is provided in the Organic Law 15/1999, the 13th december, of Protection of Data of Personal Character, CHESSRECIPES informs to the User of the existence of a folder of data of personal character created by and for CHESSRECIPES and under its responsibility, with the finality of effectuating the provision of services, the maintenance and gestion of the relation with the Users of the page, as well as the labors of information, formation and commercialization of the services and activities of CHESSRECIPES related to the same.

4.2.      In the moment of registration before CHESSRECIPES, the recompilation of some data for the provision of the Services will be required. In moment of the request, the User will be informed of the character necessary or facultative of the compilation of such data for the provision of the Services. However, the lack of accomplishment of the facultative data will impede CHESSRECIPES to provide all services linked to said data.

4.3. CHESSRECIPES informs the User about the possibility that is assisted of effectuating the access rights, rectification, opposition and cancellation of the personal data gathered by CHESSRECIPES in the legally established form, in a written form directed to the social address of CHESSRECIPES. The user condition of CHESSRECIPES is free, but to be able to effectuate its activity, it requires the gestion of their users data. Said gestion will be effectuated, always meeting the legal finalities expressed above. Regarding the said above, of not giving authorization to the treatment of its data for all the finalities expressed, CHESSRECIPES will not be able to register the USER, nor the USER in case of negation to the treatment of its data will be able to maintain said condition.

4.4. CHESSRECIPES will adopt the technical and organizational techniques that are necessary to guarantee the security, confidentiality and integrity of the Data, and will avoid its alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access, meeting the stated in the valid norm in the protection ambit of personal data and, in particular, in the Royal Decree 1720/2007, 21 december, by which the Guidelines of development of Organic Law 15/1999, 13 december, of protection of personal charactered data is approved.


What personal data are treated

The USERS authorize CHESSRECIPES, to treat the necessary data to effectuate its activities, meeting what’s proper for a Platform of chess teaching services and its sport practice.

With the objective that the USERS and CHESSRECIPES can count on a system that allows to credit the requested services or any other type of consult, and the answer given by CHESSRECIPES, and the eventual usage of it as proof where it is necessary, and to improve the quality of the services, CHESSRECIPES may effectuate recordings of the conversations that are maintained with the SERVICE OF USER ATTENTION.

The USER, always with the limit of the legitimate finalities of CHESSRECIPES also authorizes CHESSRECIPES to incorporate to the database, data obtained from sources accessible to public, also including data that CHESSRECIPES may generate or include from any source, such as geolocalization, image tagging, etc.



5.1.      CHESSRECIPES will facilitate the usage of personal passwords to the User for it to be able to use the Services. The User will have to maintain under its exclusive responsibility the passwords in the most strict and absolute confidentiality, hereby assuming that the damages and consequences of any type are derived from the violation or revelation of the secret. For security reasons, the password of telematic access to the Services may be modified in all moments by the User.

5.2. In every case, CHESSRECIPES, with the objective of reinforcing security, following technological advances may modify its identification and access systems, previous notification to the users of the security requirements that are applicable at any moment.



ChessRecipes is not responsible to the opinions of third parties through the forums, chats or other participation tools that have been published in our website, and does not necessarily coincide with those opinions without intention of serving as an expression form for the readers to form a free opinion and according to their own criteria.


The User allows CHESSRECIPES to direct commercial messages referring to his courses, products or services, either by electronic media, mail or any other media, being able at any moment to request said communications to cease. For that matter, and also for effectuating any other type of information request or comment, the User can go to CHESSRECIPES through the forms existent in the page, also any other media is acceptable, as long as it ensures the reception of it from CHESSRECIPES.



IP Address

This website may capture your IP address and other sorts of traffic data. CHESSRECIPES will not realize illegitimate treatments of said data with independence of those deemed appropriate to properly manage your connection.


Statistical data collection

With the finality to offer our best service through this page, the number of pages visited will be analyzed, the number of visits, as well as the activity of visitors of the page and their frequency of usage. To these effects, the statistical data will use data provided by the suppliers of CHESSRECIPES.


This privacy politic only applies to the webpage of CHESSRECIPES and is not guaranteed in the access through links within this site, or the links from this site with other websites.

In no case ChessRecipes will assume responsibility for the contents of a link belonging to another website, and will not guarantee the technical availability, quality, reliableness, exactitude, amplitude, truthfulness, validity and constitutionality of any material contained in none of said links or other websites.

Likewise, the inclusion of this external connections will not imply any kind of association, fusion or participation with the linked entities.


CHESSRECIPES will use “cookies” with the finality of facilitating the navigation and offer the Services in a personalized and agile way. The “cookies” are little text folders that the server introduces into the pre-configured file via the operative system of the computer from the User to identify it. If the User does not want the installation in his/her hard drive of a “cookie”, he/she will need to configure its navigation program in the Internet to avoid receiving them. Equally, the User will be able to destroy the “cookies” freely. In case that the User deletes the “cookie”, the quality and speed of the Services could diminish.


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The web titular is ALBERTO CHUECA FORCEN with residence in Zaragoza, C/Social Prevision, 20 1ºB 50008 Zaragoza, with phone number 610072781 and a Fiscal Identification Number of 77135000S


Responsibility exclusion of CHESSRECIPES

8.1.         Exceptuant of the cases that a competent valid legislation or a judicial or administrative authority requires, and as long as it is technically possible CHESSRECIPES: (a) will not have the responsibility of supervising the contents that it stores or manages as consequence of the providing of the Servicos; and (b) will not observe or control in any way the nature of the activities that are done through the Services, with the objective of detecting those that are of licit character. In consequence, CHESSRECIPES will not respond in case of utilization of the Services from the User or third parties in a contrary way of what is stated in the present general conditions.

8.2       CHESSRECIPES will not not be responsible, in any case, of possible infringements of the Services nor for the delay of the provision of services, especially when: (a) It can be attributed justifiably to the actions or omissions of the User; (b) They are produced during the maintenance period scheduled or restructuring of the Services, announced to the User well in advance [as long as it was known in advance or if the necessity to do such activities can be avoided]; or (c) that they are the consequence of a major force or any other non-imputable cause directly to CHESSRECIPES.

8,3.         The User will be the only responsible for the use of the Services, without CHESSRECIPES interfering in said use beyond making said Services available. Particularly, in case that the User authorizes third-parties the remission of Contents into their personal CHESSRECIPES account (as, for example, in the case that entieies offer the User said possbility).

8.4.      Exceptuating the cases in which malice or gross negligence occurs from CHESSRECIPES or the User by effect of the services provided has the condition of consumer- in the sense stated in the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, dated 16 november, by which the revised text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws are approved-, CHESSRECIPES will not be in any way responsible for the damages that the User may have by consequence of the Services.


9.1.      CHESSRECIPES commits to do all of the necessary efforts to guarantee continuity and availability of the Website and the Services. Nevertheless, CHESSRECIPES cannot guarantee that the Website and the Services will work correctly at all times, and that the User may access them and utilize them in a fast, uninterrupted and error free way. In the same manner, CHESSRECIPES does not give any guarantees regarding suitability and content of the Website or any of the Services for the satisfaction of the specific needs of the User.

9.2.       CHESSRECIPES will act diligently according to the general uses accepted in the sector to avoid the presence of virus or harmful elements that can cause alterations in the informatic system of the User, in his electronic documents or folders in the Website or in any of the Services, but cannot guarantee the absence of such elements, nor being responsible for the damages that it could cause.

9.3.    CHESSRECIPES does not guarantee the technical availability, quality, reliability, exactitude or veracity of the contents and services available in websites belonging or being managed by third parties, which the user can access by technical linking devices (“links”) from the Website, CHESSRECIPES does not control the content of said Websites, nor offers or commercializes the products and services available in the Websites linked that way, nor assumes any responsibility from them in consequence.

9.4.         With the object of improving the benefits of the Website, ChessRecipes reserves the faculty of effectuating in any moment and with no need of notifications in advance, modifications and updates of the information contained in the Website, and of the configuration and design of such, and of the present legal advice, as well as any other particular conditions.


10.1. The User may request CHESSRECIPES in any moment their intention of dropping out of the hired Services in the established form for each of them. For that matter, the User may request such unregistration according to the procedures established, in which at least a formulary will be included in which the User of the page may stop requesting any of the Services or stop being registered in the present website, submitting a postal communication confirming the unregistration from the Services to the next direction: [include postal direction of CHESSRECIPES].

Said postal communicate will have to be signed by the User and include a photocopy of its National Identity Document, reserving CHESSRECIPES the faculty of confirming said request with the User.

10.2.    Once the unregistration request have been received from the User and its validity proved, CHESSRECIPES will process it and will make it effective as soon as possible, and in no case in a larger time space of three days. In such cases, CHESSRECIPES will charge the User the part of the correspondent Fee to the services effectively delivered and pending of charge.


11.1     Without damaging the responsibility for the damages that could be derived, CHESSRECIPES will be able, with immediate character and without the necessity of forewarning, solve and to terminate its relation with the User, interrupting the provision of the Services, if a use of the same or of the Website is detected contrary to the general conditions or the particular that apply.

11.2. In particular, and without changing the indicated in the previous paragraph. CHESSRECIPES will be able to stop delivering the Services in an immediate manner in case that the User has not payed the Fees within the correspondent time space.

11.3.    The User will respond to the damages and inconveniences of all nature that CHESSRECIPES or any of its providers may directly or indirectly suffer as a consequence of a failure to meet any of the responsibilities stated in the general or particular conditions related to the use of the Services or the Website. In the same manner, the User will maintain CHESSRECIPES indemnified against any penalty, complaints or demand that could be interposed by a third party, any public organisms included, against CHESSRECIPES, its employees or agents as a consequence of the violation of any third party rights by said user by a contrary utilization to the stated in the applicable general or particular conditions.


In ChessRecipes all our products enjoy our reliability guarantee, that is to say that in casemalfunction or incompatibility your money will be returned. In the first place, we will try to offer the best support, in a completely gratuitous way for you, and in case of not achieving a solution then your money will be returned.

Meeting the valid normative of the European Union in the devolution politics of digital content, whether whatever reason, you will count with up to 14 days to give it back, and in a maximum time space of a week you will receive the refund, as long as the product had not been previously downloaded. For each purchase a unique download link is generated, that in the case of being utilized it is registered in our database. It is our way of ensuring that the product that is requested to be returned has not been previously downloaded.

Our devolution policy is simple. If you cancel the ordering of a product or you request the devolution of it, meeting the previous requirements, then the link to the downloadable file will be deleted, and no extra import will be charged, generating the correspondent devolution. The process would be: 

  1. Apply for the refund contacting us via e-mail at [email protected] during the firsts 14 days from the completion of the purchase.
  2. We check if the refund fulfils the previous requirements, either because it has not been used/downloaded or for any malfunction.  
  3. In case of malfunction, we will proceed to help you. In case of not achieving a solution, the refund will proceed.
  4. Within a maximum period of one week you will receive a refund through the same payment method effectuated. Wire transfer, PayPal or credit card.

For more information, contact us via the form or email us.


The download of any software from the CHESSRECIPES platform is done under the responsibility and free acceptance of the USER.

CHESSRECIPES gives a revocable, personal, non exclusive and non transmittable usage right of said software.

The USER expressly consents that CHESSRECIPES can automatically prove the software version that it is using, and automatically download versions of said softwares in its computer.

The CHESSRECIPES products and its software and proportioned to the USER in a correct state, and with the intention of developing a better service, but CHESSRECIPES excludes, in the most wide of forms any commercial warranty.

The USER is the only and exclusively responsible of the uses that it realizes with the software downloaded from CHESSRECIPES website.


CHESSRECIPES will be able to modify, at any moment, the previously determined conditions, being properly published as they appear here. The validity of the stated conditions will be based in their exposure and this will be valid until they are modified by another properly published ones.

CHESSRECIPES will inform the user of the change of said conditions in case that they are modified or altered.


ChessRecipes will persecute the accomplishment of the present conditions, as well as any wrong utilization of its platform, effectuating every civil action and penalties that may correspond by right.

Contact formulary

This formulary has a merely informative character, that in no case will be source of an answer to the effectuated communications by this method nor from the answer, if there was one, a bonding juridic effect may derive for CHESSRECIPES, his partners, associates or collaborators.


This general conditions are regulated by the spanish legislation and by the Courts and it sent to the territorial competence of the Courts and Tribunals of Zaragoza, without damage of the dispute that is resulting in the application of the Consumers of Users normative.


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