<![CDATA[ChessRecipes]]> https://www.chessrecipes.com/feeds/ ChessRecipes Wed, 25 Apr 2018 16:18:41 +0200 http://backend.userland.com/rss092 en <![CDATA[Una Bomba!]]> El adversario que no conozca bien esta linea va a sentir que algo le explota en las manos!]]> https://www.chessrecipes.com/en/bases/free-pills/benoni-snake-chess <![CDATA[Very important]]> If you want to play 1.d4 you need to know this in order to play with more confidence with isolated pawns, which are needed in some positions. If you learn this, you can play without unnecessary risk the middlegames with isolated pawns.]]> https://www.chessrecipes.com/en/bases/middlegame/isolated-pawn <![CDATA[Nice work]]> With this preparation you can make face to this unusual opening and take advantage quickly on the game with black pieces.]]> https://www.chessrecipes.com/en/bases/openings/free-c22-center-game-for-black <![CDATA[good!]]> very nice as always!]]> https://www.chessrecipes.com/en/bases/chess-tactic/puzzles-6 <![CDATA[very strong base]]> useful if you need to learn tactics and patterns.]]> https://www.chessrecipes.com/en/bases/chess-tactic/puzzles-5 <![CDATA[great job]]> very good if you need improve in this area]]> https://www.chessrecipes.com/en/bases/chess-tactic/puzzles-4 <![CDATA[Good!]]> these kind of tactics will improve your level in a good way.]]> https://www.chessrecipes.com/en/bases/chess-tactic/puzzles-3 <![CDATA[useful]]> Very nice to improve your tactic skills.]]> https://www.chessrecipes.com/en/bases/chess-tactic/puzzles-2 <![CDATA[Very good]]> There is not so many problems like that in other sites.]]> https://www.chessrecipes.com/en/bases/chess-tactic/puzzles-1 <![CDATA[Very important]]> Is crucial to have this base about a principal opening like that. Very well explained!]]> https://www.chessrecipes.com/en/bases/middlegame/queens-gambit <![CDATA[Necessary]]> is essential to have this base. Even strong GM's can make mistakes in this kind of engames. So, is important to have knowledge about it and know what mistakes can be done, how to avoid these and how to take advantage of the opponents mistakes.]]> https://www.chessrecipes.com/en/bases/endgames/rook-and-pawn-vs-rook <![CDATA[interesting]]> This base gives ideas for players that try to unbalance the game and go for the win with interesting and sharp positions, minimazing the draw chances.]]> https://www.chessrecipes.com/en/bases/middlegame/chess-strategy-the-dynamic <![CDATA[nice base]]> you will learn how to play accurately against this sharp gambit. Without it, you will be in risk because of the complications in the opening.]]> https://www.chessrecipes.com/en/bases/openings/blumenfeld-gambit <![CDATA[useful]]> This concepts will help you in a lot of games. You will learn how to play with the minor pieces and what minor pieces left on the board.]]> https://www.chessrecipes.com/en/bases/middlegame/knight-chess <![CDATA[good job!]]> with this bases you will be able to equalize very soon in your games if you enter in this line.]]> https://www.chessrecipes.com/en/bases/openings/sicilian-defense